The Truth that evades us all !

imagesI’ve always wondered about how there are people , posts and opinions that keep telling us all how to be happy or how to be motivated. The fact is when I think of it , I feel that there isn’t and can never be any cheatsheet to happiness and motivation.

So , what drives us to do good for ourselves in life ?

Is it money or fame or the desire to get what we don’t have , to be what we are not. Is the love we have for ourselves or is it the need to stand upto the self made image of our own self ?

The answer is simple : it’s none of these and all of these.

It’s the truth about our identity that drives us to achieve merits in life , whatever way we may choose for it. Remember , the way we choose depends upon the nature and behaviour we have i.e. our perception.

We tend to look for the truth that evades us all throughout our life. Its that truth which defines our life goals and dreams. Yes , that very truth may be different for all of us , for some it might be the need to prove themselves , for others a chance to come out of obscurities into the limelight. For some it may be fulfillment of a longed passion , for others just the desire to keep things the way it is: favourable.

It is difficult to say that what works for me will work for me. No Sir , it might not. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Why would it work for you when my truth is different from yours.

The rules are same for us all but the paths are different. The aim of these truths of life is to drive us and they all do. But what truth works for us and how do we go about fulfilling our goals will be different for us all.

I feel that it is introspection alone that tells us what we are looking for in our life. We have been given all that we need to survive and succeed in the world. All of the necessary tools resides in our mind. All that is needed is to dig deeper until you find it !


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