Déjà Woohoo !!

Déjà Vu
One fine day , just like any other usual one , I was in college attending my class when all of a sudden , I said something to a friend and I don’t have the slightest idea how but I knew exactly what she was gonna say !!
Not just guided by predicates and thoughts , it was intuition and not just that too…a sense of familiarity swept over me as if I had been there and had that very same conversation before ,just that I didn’t remember when !!
That l’ttle feeling of a rushed up , adrenalined brain work is such an ecstatic feeling that it blows the mind and leaves it confused , contractured and all hyped up.
According to a popular Japanese belief , Déjà Vu is a phenomenon which involves the concept of parallel worlds.
Parallel World
This theory implied that Déjà Vu is experienced when in one of the parallel worlds , we have been through that situation. The feeling of familiarity comes from that very reason.
Although , whatever might be the logical and scientific explanation of these Déjà Vu , it is an incredibly fascinating phenomenon which boggles my mind whenever it happens.
So , how ’bout your Déjà Vu experiences ? Come along…share yours !!


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