Inception : Truth or Deception

One of my favourites , this movie makes me think about the way things occur. Makes me question , if the gift of free will is even being exercised or it is a mere hallucination of our mind.

The idea of someone toying around really messes with the head. Though , it sounds too speculative and hypothetical but the truth is Inception is practised and done in the real world.

Between you and me , the truth is we keep on planting ideas in every other mind that we meet. The thing that stands out here is that we do this so often and so continuously that we don’t even realise that its happening just like the way things worked out in the limbo.
So , I just feel that the world , as we see it is quite different from the world as it really is cause you know , as it is said…..
“You never really remember the beginning of a dream , do you ?”
My question is :
“Do you remember how did your life begin ?” 😉


2 thoughts on “Inception : Truth or Deception

  1. Intriguing question. Having watched Inception myself, the ending left me quite stunned, and I felt my body yearn for its conclusion. Was he still in a dream? If so, whose was it?

    I also agree with your statement. Ideas are planted in our heads subconsciously, and they grow and grow until we have no choice but to listen to them.

    Your last statement there also struck me as very well put. At first, we tend not to remember things, but the more and more they become involved in our lives, the more we remember them, just as ideas and dreams go.

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