Separated….every damn day !


My sister’s wedding some weeks before was ecstatic. After all the joy , zeal , happiness subsided , all we were left with was the bitter taste of separation.

With each passing day it feels like that gap which separated my sister is increasing. There has been sadness , and though the feeling of emptiness is still there…it feels as if that heartache is subsiding too.

I wish there was something that could be done about it , something that could relate to it , debate with it or at least put up a fight against it but the fact is , mind fails to reason with it and leaves me unanswered , unsatisfied making me think :

Who’s the one separated ?


6 thoughts on “Separated….every damn day !

      1. Well , I guess that’s what they call ‘human nature’ .
        We try desperately to break free from the shackles of emotions but the harder we try , the more we get entangled and the more embroiled , it makes us !!

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      2. Exactly!! But then we are helpless – its there running in our veins! We are in driven and bonded by that freak called EMOTIONS – and maybe that’s what makes us different too!

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